Please note that some services may not be available at all stores. 

If availabilty is not noted, check with your local Strosniders for more information.

Assembly & Local Delivery

We take the hassle out of buying the “big stuff”! We offer local delivery and assembly on select grills --- call your local Strosniders today for more details.

Store Availability:
All Stores

Carry Out Service

If you’ve purchased something too heavy to load into your car, or just need an extra hand, let our willing staff help you out!

Store Availability:
All Stores

Document Shredding

Unwanted papers? Safely dispose of them with our shredding service!   


Is your chainsaw dull, or bucking its way through wood? We can sharpen your chainsaw and get it back to getting the job done efficiently --- it's the best way to avoid a mess and keep you safe.

Computerized Paint Matching

We know the importance of finding the perfect paint color. With our computerized paint matching system, you can bring in any item - such as a pillow, rug, or fabric swatch - and we'll give you an accuarate match!

Store Availability:
All Stores

Gift Cards

Stuck on a gift idea? Give a Strosniders gift card --- a great gift all year round, for any occasion! Available for purchase in-store, and you can use it at any Strosniders location.

Store Availability:
All Stores

Glass & Plexi-Glass Cutting

Do you have a project that requires a carefully cut piece of glass or plexiglass? We can assist you in getting the right cut. 

Key Cutting

Need a spare key made? We can cut your duplicate, and we also offer automotive chip key cutting. 

Paint Color Consultant

We have two on-site color consultants, Karla & Freda, to assist you with any paint project. They each have over 15 years of experience, and can help you navigate the color selection process. Click to learn more.

Store Availability:
Bethesda & Potomac

Pipe Cutting & Threading

We offer pipe cutting and threading, including free pipe cutting for any size of galvanized or black iron pipe.

Store Availability:


Purchase a re-certified propane tank or exchange your empty tank for a full tank at any of our locations. For refills, visit Bethesda or Kensington.

Rental Department

Have a one-time project that requires a specific product? Take advantage of our rental department, so you won't have to keep products in your home that you don't use all the time. Call your local Strosniders to find out what's available to rent. Click to learn more.

Screen & Window Repair

Screens and windows go through a lot --- our specialists can fix the damage done to them.


Before we begin sharpening, we thoroughly inspect your knives to make sure they are not too far worn. Once our skilled staff sharpens your knives or scissors, they are then cleaned before we return them to you.

Store Availability:
All Stores

Special Ordering

In addition to the thousands of items we have in stock, we also have a wide variety of items that are available for special order. Arrival times vary depending on the manufacturer. For details on the specific product you'd like to order, contact your local Strosniders today.

STIHL Certified Repair Center

In addition to the variety of STIHL products you can choose from, you can also bring STIHL equipment back to us for repair, even years after you've purchased it.

UPS Shipping Center

Allow us to save you time by using our UPS Shipping Center. We can help you ship your packages, and we even serve as a UPS Access Point to pick up your packages. 

Store Availability:

Window Shade Cutting

Traditional roll-up window shades are manufactured to accommodate the widest possible openings. We can assist you in getting the shades cut to the correct size for your windows.

Home Repair Referrals

We're happy to recommend businesses for various home repair and improvement projects. Click to view our recommendations.


We offer a wide variety of services to fit your needs, and our knowledgeable staff is always here to help! Hover over a picture to learn more about a featured service. Our full list of services is as follows (please note that some services may not be available at all stores):

  • Assembly & Local Delivery
  • Carry Out Service
  • Chainsaw Blade Sharpening
  • Computerized Paint Matching
  • Document Shredding
  • Fax, Photocopies, & Lamination 
  • Gift Cards
  • Glass & Plexi-Glass Cutting
  • Home Repair Referrals
  • Key Cutting
  • Key Start Auto Keys & Remotes
  • Lamp Repair
  • Lock Re-Keying
  • Paint Color Consultants
  • Pipe Cutting & Threading
  • Propane
  • Reel Mower Sharpening
  • Rental Department
  • Screen & Storm Window Repair
  • Sharpening (Knives, Scissors, Saw Blades, & Garden Tools)
  • Small Repairs
  • Special Orders
  • STIHL Certified Repair Center
  • UPS Shipping Center
  • Window Shade Cutting