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Natural Alternative

Ice Melters at Strosniders

Strosniders carries a wide variety of ice melting products. Please note that during storm emergency periods, ice melt selections may change quickly. If you are seeking a particular product, we recommend calling the store first, prior to going out.
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Natural Alternative

This pet friendly, granular ice melt is made by a local company. It's among the hardest working environmentally safer ice melts on the market. Effective to -12F, it is safe on aged concrete, flagstone, slate, brick, pavers and asphalt when used as directed.

Watch a video about Natural Alternative Ice Melt from Fox 5 News.

Safe Step EnviroBlend Power 6300

Designed with an improved environmentally friendly formula, Power 6300 is not harmful to people, pets or vegetation when used a directed, but has a melting power that outperforms other ice melter blends. It contains the powerful melting catalyst MG 104, which helps prevent refreezing up to 2½ times longer than conventional products.

Mag Ice Melter

Mag contains Magnesium Chloride--an effective ice melter used often by road crews and municipalities. It melts down to -15F and is safe for pets, people and plants when used as directed.

Qik Joe

This effective, fast acting de-icer works down to -25F. It leaves no white residue like many melters do. Qik Joe contains calcium chloride and is safer on grass, shrubs, plants and concrete when used as directed.

Polar Express

This blend of potassium, sodium & calicum chloride melts effectively down to -15F. It starts working quickly, but the various components melt at different speeds, allowing melting to occur over an extended period of time. Safe on concrete, asphalt and vegetation when used as directed.

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