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M-D Building Products, Inc. has a rich history of product development and manufacturing expertise. Beginning in 1920 as Macklanburg Duncan, the M-D story encompasses over 90 years of inventing and manufacturing products demanded by our customers. Our products are industry leaders or contend for industry leadership in the categories of weatherization, flooring tools, flooring accessories and digital levels.

M-D Building Products began in the weatherization and home sealing industry. While one of the nation's oldest such companies, it continues to lead the weatherization industry in realizing better and more sustainable channels for more comfortable living. M-D is focused on creating a healthier environment and conserving our natural resources through all of its complementary businesses: weatherization, flooring tools and accessories, digital levels and engineer OEM products.

  • M-D Foam Tape
    M-D Foam Tape

    Model Number: 02279

    • Self-adhesive weatherstrip tape
    • Made of high density closed cell PVC foam
    • Eliminates air, dust and moisture leaks
    • 1/4” X 17’
  • M-D Building Products Draft Buster Door Seal
    MD Building Products Draft Buster Door Seal

    Model Number: 43200

    • Protects against cold drafts entering your home
    • Helps keep heating and cooling from escaping from your home
    • For interior and exterior doors
    • Fits doors and windows up to 36 in.
    • Slides onto the door for easy installation
    • Cover is machine washable
  • M-D Insulated Foam White Stick On Sweep 15 In
    MD Insulated Foam White Stick On Sweep 15 In

    Model Number: 43301

    • Provides all season protection against drafts, moisture, dust and insects
    • Sticks to all door types
    • Flexible to compensate for carpet or uneven doors
    • Includes fasteners
    • Comes in standard size of 1-1/2” x 36”
  • M-D Bronze Weatherstrip 17 In
    MD Bronze Weatherstrip 17 In

    Model Number: 52000

    • Seals out drafts and dust around doors and windows
    • Made of brass
    • 1-1/8” thickness
  • M-D Products EPDM White 17 Ft
    MD Products EPDM White 17 Ft

    Model Number: 63628

    • “D” shaped proofing seals large gaps
    • Made of 100% EPDM cellular rubber
    • Stays durable and flexible in extreme temperature
    • 17”
  • M-D Cord Weatherstrip
    M-D Cord Weatherstrip

    Model Number: 71522

    • Forms a flexible seal inside or outside
    • Seals crack around door and window frames
    • Can be used to seal cracked window panes
    • Easy to apply
    • Requires no tools
    • 1/8” x 30’
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