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Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan is the answer to your lawn care problems! You will see that by feeding the Lawn, and the Soil, you will be stimulating the vast array of soil life, and balancing your soil’s pH level. The foundation of your lawn is the soil, and a strong foundation will result in a great looking carefree lawn. If you need to seed, plant one of my Black Beauty Grass Seed Mixtures. It is genetically superior grass seed that will improve even the poorest of lawns. Once you have seen a Black Beauty Lawn you will never forget it!

  • Jonathan Green New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer
    Jonathan Green New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer

    Model Number: 11541

    • This high phosphorus formula helps to build a vigorous root system and gets new grass plantings off to a fast start for a thicker, greener lawn
    • Contains 1% iron for deep-greening and 30% slow-release nitrogen
    • Contains humates for root development
  • Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer
    MD Building Products Draft Buster Door Seal
    • Winter turf protection
    • No phosphorous
    • Ideal for winter turf protection
    • Repairs your lawn from summer damage
    • Builds a vigorous root system and provides the proper nutrition for a greener, thicker lawn
    • 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Jonathan Green Fall Magic Grass Seed Mix
    Jonathan Green Fall Magic Grass Seed Mix
    • A mixture of Ryegrass, Bluegrass and Fescue Grass
    • Thrives in full sun to light shade
    • Mixes well with existing lawns and ideal for new seeding
    • Contains naturally insect and disease resistant perennial grasses for a thick dark green lawn
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